The Illuminated World

The Illuminated World coverThe Illuminated World
Eyewear Publishing (1 Oct 2014), ISBN 978-1908998262

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Advance review comments for ‘The Illuminated World’

‘There is no doubt in my mind this is the real thing, a breath-taking collection. Jemma Borg hunts down ideas like there’s no tomorrow, with all the power of a ruthless concentration. This is an active, passionate and mature mind at work. She eagerly and obstinately presses on in the face of so much we don’t know, determined not to be overwhelmed by our (human) ignorance. Her work is cool and concentrated and demonstrates a rare combination of intellectual rigour coupled with an innate sense of what a poem is and what it feels like. Ambitious, stubborn, ruthless, incorruptible – what more could one ask of a first collection? Nothing if not ambitious, Jemma Borg is a poet to watch and wonder at.’ – Selima Hill

‘The range, across space and different habitats on earth, is striking and impressive. These poems exhibit an extremely attractive way of regarding the world, and are not afraid to be aesthetic and metaphysical, replete with myths and jewels.’ – Peter Forbes

‘To say that Jemma Borg’s background as a scientist rings clearly in her poems makes them sound dry – they are anything but. It is simply that to language and imagery she brings a scientist’s precision and care: this, in combination with an artist’s heart, is rare. These varied and emotive poems display a keen interest in human responses and an individual’s reaction to a complex world.’ – Erica Wagner, literary editor of The Times